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Take to the skies

Almost my whole life, well at least since I was a teenager I have wanted to learn to fly. In my early years I just didn't think there was anywhere nearby where I could learn and I probably couldn't have afforded it anyway and later came family and job and it just became once of those things I would love to have done but probably never would.

Then Julie and the children gave me a 1 hour flying lesson for my 60th birthday. Well for nearly two years I didn't actually take it (I think I knew what would happen) and it did. Once I had flown that was it, I knew I would have to fly again, and again, and again,,,,,,, Oh dear what have I done says Julie.

But I'm over 60 and it's difficult to decide whether it's worth going through all of the training to get my private pilots licence and so I have started with a 'Safety Pilot course' where you learn to take off, fly, navigate and land and then if you decide to go for the PPL, the hours spent on the course count towards the full licence. Well I've finished that course flying a Katana DV-20 and has my enthusiasm diminished.... errr no not really. Now if only I could convince Julie that we need our own plane.... that would be such a good idea.