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Website analysis

When my web-site was first hosted by STRATO I used to use the DALASTAT Pro program to analyse the Log files. But this program although it provided much useful information and some nice graphics didn't provide enough detail for me on individual visitors. So I wrote STRTAN to help me get what I wanted. Since June 2007 I can't get DALASTAT Pro to download any new data and all references to it seem to have disappeared or been removed from the STRATO web-site. So now I just use STRTAN, it doesn't have fancy graphics but certainly provides me with the information I need about visitors to my site. If you would like to know more just right click on the download link and save the zip file which contains both the latest version of the program and some documentation to get you started. I hope you enjoy using it and please drop me an E-Mail if you find it useful.

Here you can see STRTAN displaying a visitor who has downloaded the favicon icon and looked at various pages from the telegraphs part of the web-site

Just right click on the pic to download the zip file

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